Due to severe flooding in the area, there will be a delay in fulfillment of any orders. We will ship all orders once the roads have cleared and power is restored.

We Buy Brass

Send us your brass, and we'll apply it toward credit on any product listed on iabrass.com.

It's quick and easy. 

  1. Create an account on iabrass.com, store credit will be assigned to this account.
  2. Place all brass in a plastic bag, box it and send it.  We recommend USPS flat rate boxes, as they are freely available at any post office or order through usps.com,
  3. Download the trade-in form, fill it out and include it in the box. Email address on the form must match iabrass.com account.

Mail to : 
Northwest Iowa Brass
1181 Jay Ave
Rock Rapids, IA 51241

Some conditions apply.

  • Current Rate : $1.40/lb
    • If you have rare or hard to find calibers, contact us directly as we do pay a premium for hard to get brass.
  • Weight does not include hulls, steel, aluminum, 22 or loaded rounds, only brass cartridges.
  • We weigh after culling for the above and washing to remove dirt and other debris.
  • Digital gift card applied to account within 3 business days