About Us

What started as a hobby to feed our reloading needs quickly grown into one of the highest volume brass processors out there. Northwest Iowa Brass has provided services for large commercial ammunition manufacturers and the causal reloader for over a decade. Over that time we have focused on the sorting, cleaning, processing, and handling of once fired brass and developed THE most efficient processes in the industry.  Our focus is to provide the best quality product we can, and get it in your hands as soon as you ask for it.

What makes us different is our multi-step processes.  Our sorting equipment was custom designed and built to be able to sort casings to a thousandth of an inch.  Other producers may be cheaper, but your paying for unneeded, unwanted calibers mixed into your shipment.

The same attention to detail that we do on our sort, we've applied to our wash.  We've spent years refining our process and the formulas of the chemicals we apply.  This is all to ensure that what you get is as close to new brass as possible.  

We have most popular calibers in stock, and the rarer ones are available as we are able to source them.  If there is something you need or would like to give us some feedback please contact us.