Frequently Asked Questions

Sorting :

We have developed proprietary processes and equipment that sorts our bulk range brass to ensure that what you buy is what you receive.  Many common calibers are easily intermixed (example 9mm Luger, 380 Auto, 9mm Makarov) and require additional steps to separate.  We have made the investment in the additional equipment to ensure you don't need to re-sort brass that we deliver.  Other competitors may have a lower cost per round, but you may be paying for unwanted calibers.

Once fired brass :

All our brass is sourced from indoor shooting ranges, and as such once fired and reloaded casings are intermixed.  There is no way to distinguish a once-fired round from one that has been reloaded.  The term "once fired brass" is more of an industry term to distinguish fired brass from newly manufactured casings.  

As all brass has been fired through a firearm, minor imperfections should be expected.  Small scratches, marks, dings and dents should be expected to varying degrees.  All brass is sorted for grossly deformed (unusable) casings, and extras are put into every package to make up for any that are not usable.  

Processed Cases :

Our processed casings are run through commercial equipment to convert them from range brass to as close to new as possible.  All processed casings go through our multi-step process.

  1. Depriming - All spent primers are removed before cleaning.
  2. Cleaning - Cleaned via our proprietary wet tumble process to remove any dirt, debris or residue.
  3. Swaging - All primer pockets are swaged to ensure all primer pockets are sized to specification.
  4. Pressure Checking - We utilize Camdex commercial presses for all our brass processing, which allows us to pressure check each casing to ensure it is free from nicks, cracks and other deformities.
  5. Sizing - The brass is returned to the proper shape. All processed rifle casings are full length sized, while pistol calibers are roll sized.
  6. Polishing- All casings are polished to ensure a bright, sparkling finish.

Polished Cases :

All of our non-processed casings are cleaned and polished to remove any dirt, debris, grease and residue.

Raw Cases :

All of our products listed as "Raw" are sorted by caliber and aluminum and steel casings are removed.  They are not cleaned or checked for deformities.

Optional Services :

Roll Sizing - Several of our calibers are available with an optional roll sizing.  This process ensures the entire body of the casing is uni-formally sized to the proper specification.  The result is a better case, as most sizing dies only resize the top 75% of the casing.

Headstamp Sort - We have an automated headstamp sorter that allows us to sort mixed range brass into particular manufacturer headstamps. This is conveyed in the "headstamp" option on products like our 223/5.56 brass.  Buying a single headstamp ensures uniformity in case weight and powder volume, producing a more accurate round when reloaded.

RAW Brass disclaimer 

WARNING – This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www. P65Warnings.ca.gov